Here's a handpicked collection of some of my creative work within the last decade or so.

I have been producing content both in Turkish and English. So if you happen come across a video content in Turkish and you're not fluent in Turkish, please make sure you turn the captions on to view the English subtitles. ✌

Videos and Music Videos:

Please watch all three of our music videos when you click this link 😉

Here's what actually goes down when we film our music videos:

This episode of @scosays vlogs starts with me and a wake-up call gone wrong.

Here's a #spoton special we've shot for a Lahmacun joint in Kadıköy, Istanbul.

@jayjay21 and I were one of the first ones to try out the Ninebot miniPRO by Segway.

No actual orgasm, just a reeaally yummy desert recipe by Chef Mike Norman of 360Istanbul.

Basically just asking people if they know what "Burlesque" is with a cucumber in my hand.

What Social Media is Not: And "educational" viral we'd shot when we first got into the business back in 2010.


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